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6 Week SHred©


Chaque mois
I wanted to develop Nutritional Plans for all health and fitness levels. I am going to give you a thorough explanation of how this program is set up and what you can expect.

I have 3 plans as of now.
Beginner-8 Week Just Start Program
Intermediate-12 Week Meltfit Bootcamp
Advanced-Melfit 6 Week Shred

I highly recommend you go through my plans in this order. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. You can’t expect to “start” at an advanced level. I have no secrets. I am very transparent. If you choose a plan that you are not ready for, that is on you. Anyone can message me and ask me where I think they should start and I will give you my professional opinion. I am not trying to exclude anyone, I am just setting you up for success.

Here is what I consider ADVANCED-
*Someone that has been doing at LEAST 5 Melfit25 workouts a week consistently or 5 workouts using weights
*Is at a healthy body weight
*Wants to lose excess body fat and lean out enough to see their muscles
*Has gone though the 12 week bootcamp and has mastered food prepping or has general knowledge of food prepping
*Can follow a plan and not stray from it
*Is Coachable and willing to give the plan 100% for 6 weeks

If you think you are a good candidate for my Melfit 6 Week Shred, then let’s get started!
I am excited for you to push your body to a limit that you never thought possible. You will be amazed how different you look and feel after completion. As always, I will require your before picture and measurements to be sent through the APP prior to starting. We will also make sure you are added to our Private Facebook Group so you can connect with likeminded people.

The workouts will require more equipment than the Melfit25 Workouts. Here is what you will need to add:
Check my links in the Amazon links section located in the upper right corner of our APP. Click on the three bars and you will see the Amazon links. Please use my links as I am an Amazon affiliate and this helps me greatly.
Box (can use sturdy chair, or stairs)
Jumprope (can do invisible)
Booty bands (I will attach link/plastic ones roll)
Gliders (can use towels or paper plates)
Fitness watch (mandatory)
Ketttlebell (ask about weight suggestion)

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Will I have a free day like we had on the Melfit 12 Week Bootcamp?
A: Yes, you will have 1 free day a week where you can have whatever you want to eat including alcohol. This day is the only day you are required to log in My Fitness Pal and send to me each week.

Q: Will I have to log my food?
A: No, I have all the calories figured out for you already. The only day you need to log and send to me is on your free day. You can send that through My Fitness Pal or your favorite app.

Q: How many days of exercise will I be required to do?
A: You will be required to complete 5 Melfit Shred workouts a week in any format.

Q: Will I be required to send in my “Sweaty Selfies” like I did on the Melfit 12 Week Bootcamp?
A: No, this time I am requiring you to send ONLY fitness watch stats stats so I can monitor your daily burn more closely and teach you how many calories you really need to be eating a day to achieve fat loss.

Q: How long are the workouts:
A: The workouts are 45 minutes-1 hour long and include a 5 minute stretch.

Q: How many calories do I get to eat?
A: We have a baseline starting point for both Men and Women and then we scale either up or down from there. I have worked with many Male clients over the years and just because they are Men doesn’t necessarily mean they need a ton more calories. If they want to get shredded we have to create a deficit from calories eaten vs. calories burned. I have a male client that is 6’ 4” and eats between 1600-1800 calories and is losing 2 pounds a week. He is never hungry. I will monitor your daily burn and adjust your calories as needed. That is why you having a fitness watch is crucial. I don’t like guessing, I like “exact” numbers.

Q: Will I have to prep my food on this plan?
A: Yes, I will give you a specific meal plan and shopping list each week to follow. You won’t be winging it. This will take between 1.5-2 hours a week. This sets you up for 100% success. You can use Instacart to save time on shopping. I would recommend you pay the Monthly subscription at least during this 6 Weeks.

Q: Will I need to do extra cardio?
A: I will have a step requirement for most clients. We will increase every 2 weeks. You don’t have to be a runner, you can walk to reach your step goals. Everyone is different. If you come in with body fat that already is in the teens or single digits, I may not require extra steps. It depends on what your starting point is. If you still have quite a bit of body fat to lose then we will start at 10,000 steps and eventually increase to 15,000.

Q: Will I get weekly check ins and Coaching like I did on the 12 Week Melfit Bootcamp?
A: Yes, you will be getting at least 6, if not more check ins a week if needed. I am always available to answer any questions and help my clients achieve success along the way.

Q: Where do I go after I am done with the 6 Week Shred?
A: These workouts are intense. Depending on your goals, I can design a custom plan to keep you on track after the plan is over. Maybe you will want to mix a little Melfit25 workouts with the Shred workouts and follow a meal plan that you have already purchased. We will set you up for longterm success. Remember Melfit is a healthy lifestyle APP. I don’t want one hit wonders. I want serious clients that are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle and improving theirselves for the rest of their life.

Q: Can I keep the Melfit 6 Week Shred after I am finished?
A: Yes, it is yours to keep as long as you are an App subscriber.

Q: Is the app price included in the 6 Week Shred Plan price?
A: No, you must be an APP subscriber to access our plan. The APP is $29.99/month. There is always a 7 day free trial period available.

Q: Is the meal plan restrictive? Will I be starving?
A: No, you will get 3 meals a day including a snack and dessert. You will not be hungry. You will report to me if you experience hunger pangs and I will add in more calories as needed. This usually only occurs if clients add extra cardio.

Q: Do I need to know how to cook?
A: No, I have an instructional video for all my recipes.

Q: Do the recipes take a long time to prepare?
A: No, most recipes are 15-25 minutes max.

Q: Do you give modifications on your workouts like you do on the Melfit25 workouts?
A: No, this is an advanced workout, there are no modifications. We want these workouts to be challenging and for that reason we give you the most advanced version of each exercise. You can modify if needed, but we don’t coach that on our videos.

I hope this Q & A covered most of your questions. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at
I look forward to being your Coach! I know you will love this plan. You will enjoy getting stronger each week. You will be so amazed at the transformation in your body from week to week. We will also require weekly progress pictures. When you are already at a healthy weight the change will be in inches and body fat, not scale weight.

Who’s ready for change?
I am waiting for serious clients!
Purchase my plan in the store and let’s get you started today!
After I see your purchase I will unlock the plan for you and you can get started! We will pick a date and start together!
Thank you for taking the time to inquire about my Melfit 6 Week Shred. Your greatest Wealth is your health! Let’s not waste anymore time!

Coach Mel
Personal Trainer
Nutrition Coach
Food Prep Coach
Food Shopping Expert
Marathon Coach
Life Coach

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