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MelFit VIP Food Prep Service

I created this service when a client asked for help in the kitchen. I used to teach food prep classes in my kitchen to assist in this area. Thanks to an amazing Melfit Army, I no longer have time to do this on my own. So, I teamed up with Jean Seagraves, a friend and fellow Melfit Army client, to offer weekly meal prep delivery to our local clients. We provide three meals, a snack, and dessert for six days.

This particular membership is for clients who are not working with me on a nutrition plan but want to utilize the Melfit VIP Food Prep Service. It's a recurring subscription that you can cancel anytime by texting me, Coach Mel. We do require a 30-day commitment from new clients. We've been providing this service since 2020, and over the past three years, we've seen how it has helped our clients and our community.

Our clients find that they are saving money, wasting less food, and now have more time for workouts, family, and friendships. If you'd like to learn more or have any questions, please feel free to text me at (208) 640-1689. I'd be delighted to schedule a complimentary coaching call to answer your questions.

Melfit is an anti-inflammatory meal plan, and in my opinion, there is no one walking on God's green earth that can't benefit from this program. Remember, the overweight/obesity rate is 73%!

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