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Coach Mel

Welcome to our before and after gallery! I want to invite you to see why I do what I do! When you do what you love you will never work a day in your life! I am so passionate about helping others reach their health and fitness goals. I want everyone to feel good in their skin and get their self-confidence back. Each photo you are about to see holds a story. Every client is near and dear to my heart and I consider a friend. We are family! #Melfit Army Strong! Join our team today!

MelFit Testimonials

Melissa is the most amazing coach you could ask for! She is super responsive to any questions you have and responds almost immediately. She has an answer for everything! Her kindness, motivation, and experience makes her a true gem! I am on her 12 week bootcamp plan and she provides me with exact recipes to prep for the week and even has videos to correlate with the food prep. She just tells you what to make and eat and you don’t have to count a single macro or calorie. I have failed so many times in the past having to count calories. She does all the math for you! She also provides you with a detailed shopping list for EACH week. You are buying exactly what you need for each week and nothing goes to waste. You hear eating healthy and one of the first things you think about is cost. It’s actually extremely cost efficient because you are buying EXACTLY what you need and stocking your pantry with commonly used items! She also has workout videos that you can stream on your tv and do right at home. All you need is a mat, dumbbells and positive attitude! I canceled my unused gym membership because I don’t even need it anymore! Mel literally gives you every single tool you need to succeed in carrying out a healthier lifestyle. She is the best coach and has the best program I have seen out there. She is very passionate about what she does! For $1 a day, you can earn all the tools you need to loose that weight, keep it off and lead a healthy life.


February 19, 2020


When I first started looking into MelFit I had no idea if I could do it, I wasn’t confident in myself. I truly didn’t think I would be able to stick to a plan for 12 weeks. But, I did it anyways because I wanted to prove to myself that I COULD make a lifestyle change. Let me tell you, it was absolutely the best decision I have ever made for myself!! I feel healthy , strong and so knowledgeable! This program is absolutely above and beyond! The food is amazing!!! Not one time did i feel hungry or “deprived“. Her workouts are kick a$$! If you put in the effort, you will see amazing results!! Mel and her team genuinely care about your success!! It’s so rare to meet someone who genuinely wants to see you succeed! Mellissa is exactly that person! I have learned sooo much from this 12 weeks, it was absolutely worth every single penny! Doing MelFit has completely changed my life!! Im so proud of myself for what I have accomplished, and so so grateful to have found MelFit. If you are looking for a “ sign “ to start, this is it. Do it! Start this program! You will not regret it!!

Suzy T

August 18, 2020

IMG_1756 2.jpg

I am so glad I found Melissa! I have tried every diet in the book and one of those diets almost killed me! I have lost 11.4 pounds and over 10 inches after completing 6 weeks!! The food is amazing and so flavorful it makes you feel like you’re “cheating”. 
Melissa is only a phone call or text away! She is always there to answer any question and goes over and above. 
I have gone from never exercising to doing it 6 days a week and 4 of those are doubles! Everyone I meet I am telling them about this amazing program. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Tami D

March 2, 2020

IMG_1616 3.JPG

Just finished my 12 weeks ! Down 17.8 pounds! Never felt hungry! I had so much more energy it was crazy ! Highly recommend giving it a try, you’ll be satisfied. The 12 weeks go by so fast and you feel great. Now I have all the tools to reach my goal and keep it off! I never considered it being a “diet” just a better way of living. I also saved so much money not eating out and getting coffee every day. Thanks Mel best coach !

Sara T

December 7, 2020


Mel-fit has changed my life! I dont obsess about food anymore, I prep and get on with my life. I have learned so much about nutrition and fuel for my body to do the things I want to do. Melissa is an amazing coach, she gives it to you straight, but is so kind and encouraging. I will be using the Mel-fit way of life from now on.

Melissa's expertise in fitness and nutrition has been instrumental in starting me on a journey to a healthier me. I love her plans (they're not as expensive as you would think), her workouts, and her family friendly recipes are awesome. You don't have to do a plan. Check out her app, free for 7 days and get access to all her workouts and recipes. PM if you want more info on my journey with Mel-fit.

I completed the MelFit 12 week boot camp this past Sunday and I am so completely thrilled with my results and the entire program!!! What an amazing app and program Melissa has created! If you are looking for a diet, you won’t find that here...MelFit is a lifestyle ... one that I know I will be able to sustain and live with for the rest of my life. This is a healthier way of living and I was desperate to start living a healthier 52, I’m not getting any younger and my 2 replaced knees are definitely not going to support the extra pounds that were continuing to increase....quickly.

I lost 23.6 pounds and 17.75 inches in 12 weeks.....HOLY WOW!!! When I started the program I was embarrassed and ashamed - I had lost 100+ pounds 12 years ago and had nearly gained all of it back and here I was, having to do it again. But, I was also DETERMINED! 3 months later I feel empowered, accountable and determined to continue on my weight loss journey.

I was never hungry on this plan. All the recipes were amazing and taking the time to prep meals on Sunday saved my behind many times during the week, when I had days of back to back meetings. I didn’t have to figure out what I was going to eat. It was already made, I just had to heat it up and enjoy! Melissa makes it easy and provides flavorful menus each week, cooking videos, shopping lists, workout videos and all the support you need. You won’t just be eating baked chicken and vegetables each night and there is dessert every night. I also saved money by only shopping for what I would be eating that week. I learned many new recipes that are clean, delicious and have become absolute favorites!!

I love pizza, beer, wine, eating out with friends and my next door neighbor happens to be the best pizza place in N Idaho....I was able to enjoy all those things and still lose 1-2 pounds each week! How AMAZING is that? Oh and did I mention sourdough bread? Yep, ate it every day on a few different weeks!!

I typically worked out 5 days a week for about 30-60 minutes. Mel has her 25 minute workout videos on the app and she modifies for all fitness levels. Some days I changed it up and just walked, danced or lifted weights but I moved 5 days a week.

If you are looking for a great, sustainable program that teaches you how to prepare healthy, clean, fantastic meals, provides you support whenever you need it, a fabulous community of people on the same journey...and RESULTS...MelFit is for you. Melissa will not let you fail and she truly cares!

I started round 2 on Monday and I can’t wait to see my results in 3 months....I know they will be GREAT!!!

Andrea K 

December 12, 2020

Rachel K

First off, I want to start this review by saying that if I can succeed in reaching my goals joining Melfit, ANYBODY CAN!!!! My entire life has consisted of little to no exercise and a diet consisting of only processed foods and fast food. I was totally intimidated at the idea of cooking meals, let alone healthy meals because I had NO IDEA where to even start.

I’ve known Mel for a very long time and I have come to know that she is a woman of integrity, authenticity, and all around just a bad a$$. I also knew that one day she would be the person I would trust when I was ready to make the decision to stop the unhealthy lifestyle I was living.

I just finished the 12 week boot camp and I am so stinking proud of myself because I have never done anything like it before and I never thought I could. Because of Mel’s knowledge, her step by step instruction, her attention to every detail, and encouragement this girl who never thought she could succeed in something like this, JUST DID!!

Joining Melfit and participating in the 12 week boot camp program gave me every tool I needed to not only start this journey of a healthy lifestyle but gave me the confidence and ability to continue it in my life. I’m forever grateful for all I have learned and for the time and heart that Mel has poured into creating Melfit. It truly is a priceless gift she has created and it changes lives.

MAKE the decision.

INVEST the money, cause in the long run I promise it saves you money.

TRUST Mel, she knows what she is doing.

WATCH yourself succeed in ways you never dreamed.

I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Rachel K 

December 14, 2020


“When Melissa Gave me the 8 week plan, I did not know what to think. Then I realized that I just needed to work on one thing a week. It was very doable! Yes some of the things were hard but I just needed to focus on one thing. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but guess what? I did it! I started this journey so I could get the weight off for a couple hernia repairs. I started on  Oct. 2, 2019 and as of Feb 27th I have lost 43 lbs. I am very Excited!”

Sharon M

November  14, 2020


I just finished MelFit 12 week boot camp and lost 16 lbs and 20.9in. I have struggled to lose weight since I was in my late 20’s, now in my 40’s and I would just pack on the weight no matter what I did. I was lethargic all the time and didn’t feel like doing much, I would try healthy foods but would buy brands or recipes that didn’t taste good so it would turn me off and I also have 3 kids who are picky eaters.

Melfit gave me the tools to eat healthy, the right products to buy, the recipes to make and the workout videos to do. I now have more energy, my acne is gone and I have the tools to be confident in my future food choices not just to be healthy but to lose the remainder of the weight I have to lose and to maintain it.

I love Melfit

Jean S

July 27, 2020


With the help of MelFit and Melissa Valdovinos, I have taken control of my life again from out of control weight gains. 

Through nutritional education and personal support I have made changes in my nutrition and health that I have lost 96 pounds so far and still losing. 

This has all given me a new outlook on life physically and mentally.

Keith W

March 7, 2020


Starting MelFit with Melissa was life changing for me. Seeing all these people talk about their success stories only got me more motivated to make a change in myself. My eye opening moment was seeing my mom lose weight right before my eyes. If she can do it for herself, I need to do it for myself. In 2020 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis at age 22. I came to MelFit even more. I'm the pickiest eater ever and have several food allergies. Even through all of that I found food on MelFit that I enjoyed and helped my arthritis. If you want a change in your life even if you're a little scared like I was, MelFit is your answer.

Josh M

March 15, 2021


I started this program overweight and exhausted. I was terrified but I was so ready and eager for a change that I took the plunge into this amazing lifestyle. Coach Mel has opened a whole new world for me and I am beyond grateful. I am so ready to continue on this journey of creating a new life for my family and myself. If you’re someone who is ready to start over and become the best version of yourself, I highly recommend working with Coach Mel. She has designed this program to cater to everyone and you’ll never feel like something is missing. She will be there with you every step of the way. Sometimes the hardest part of staying on a healthy track is having the support and feeling like you’re alone. I promise, you will never feel alone doing this. Just a few short weeks to change your life forever is so worth it and there’s no better person to help you achieve your goals than Coach Mel.

Katie P

September 8, 2020

IMG_5556 2.JPG

Mel has changed me for life. I completed the 12 week challenge and lost 19 pounds and 12+inches. I feel great and got some of my confidence back. Mel has taught me so many things, the biggest is having a healthy relationship with food. I will forever continue this lifestyle. And I am currently working with Mel, training for my first full marathon. I've got to stick with the BEST!!! #melfitarmy

Shana G

July 20, 2020

IMG_8004 3.JPG
IMG_1723 2_edited.jpg

My name is Melanie Dominguez. I am 46 years old and have struggled with my weight since I was 14. Here is my story…….

Age 14:
I grew up very active along with my Twin sister Melissa. We lived on 100 acres up the North Fork of the Coeur’Alene river and ran around non stop. After we turned 14 we moved to town and our activity levels slowed. I remember weighing under 100 pounds.

Age 15:
At age 15 I went on a starvation diet and I would eat only a bagel and a bowl of cereal all day. I didn’t eat vegetables and I remember one Thanksgiving not eating at all. This continued until I was 24 years old. I was 140 pounds at almost 5’ 3.”

Age 25:
At age 25 I discovered the Atkins diet and quickly lost 30 pounds. In turn I had no energy from low carbs an ate very few veggies. I didn’t exercise much and had no muscle tone.

Age 31-32:
I joined a gym and started doing group fitness classes such as weights, spinning, kickboxing, and step aerobics. I was doing up to 2 classes a day, and still eating low carb. I didn’t have a lot of energy, but I pushed through anyway. I did an 8 week challenge and lost 20 pounds. After I finished the challenge I gained it all back and then some. They never really tell you what to do AFTER!!! How do I lose weight and KEEP it off?

Age 33:
I started jogging 3 miles every day and lost a little weight, but I still had a big belly. I was still trying low carb.

Age 34-44:
I lost and gained 30 pounds over the next 10 years. I would work out and eat well and then I wouldn’t exercise at all and had no regard for my nutrition. My daughter joined the Navy when I was 38 and I pacified my sadness with alcohol and food, which only made things worse. My weight was getting out of control peaking at 160. To top it off I started having hormonal imbalances. I found a great Dr. and I am now feeling great. Let me warn you, things change when you pass age 40.

Age 44-46:
I started working out 5-6 days a week and started to really focusing on my Nutrition. I gradually lost almost 40 pounds, built muscle, and even have a six pack, which I never thought was possible after having a baby. I eat a variety of foods now including carbs and treats without feeling guilty. It took me 30 years to get to the point where I am now. I have so much energy and wake up at 3:15 A.M. and can’t wait to start my day with a workout. I have watched my Twin sister maintain her weight for over 20 years now and I always knew I could do the same. Melissa has taught me that starvation, low carb diets, and overexercising are not the answer. She has helped educate me and taught me about the importance of making health and fitness a lifestyle. Melifit is a LIFESTYLE! Melissa is teaching you how we live our lives. We enjoy healthy desserts and even have free days that include alcohol. I am excited for what my future holds and I am in the best shape of my life at age 46! I can do anything I set my mind to. I can hike to the top of any mountain, actually I can NOW run it! Just because it takes you a while to reach your goals, doesn’t mean you can’t get there. Never give up! Today I have lost 21% body fat! My body fat is 15% , maybe a fitness competition is in my future? I was headed to a dark place and I never want to go there again. I am stronger than I have every been in my life. I now know I will never gain this weight back again and that is why I am sharing my story with you. I hope my story inspires you and gives you hope. Please feel free to comment below or reach out.

Melanie D

April 8, 2021


The scale can lie to you! 😱

I wanted to share a little more about the story of what's happened in the last five weeks to get ready for Mrs. Idaho (4️⃣ days away!). 

🙌 Coach Mel Melfitcoaching helped to bring it home so I can feel my best on stage. 
I'm down 2% body fat in 5 weeks (~4 pounds of body fat)
And I gained 1.6 pounds of muscle. This transformation is incredible in such a short time!!

Her nutritional coaching is phenomenal, and so is she, for that matter. I haven't been hungry once! In fact, I wasn't eating enough before (crazy misconception). 🫐🍊🥥

The only additional exercise I added was making sure I got in 10k steps. 
Otherwise, it was my usual fantastic weekly weight training at Exercise Institute

💥 Why does the scale lie?? We get so hung up on a number on the scale. And there is so much more to body composition. Since October, I am down 6.5 percent body fat. And guess how much weight I lost?? 
Let's hear it. 👇👇👇

This is also a great reminder that we need accountability for our goals. And it's ok to seek help when we need it. Whether it's a personal or business or lifestyle or whatever kind of goal, having support and coach is so important! ❤️

I see the most significant difference in this side shot, especially in my arms, waist, and face. 

I appreciate you and all your incredible support!!! 

(Picture on the left May 9th and picture on the right June 12th)

Bretta P

June 16, 2021


I have been an avid Runner and Biker for the last 10 years, as age has crept up on me I noticed so did the weight gain. I tried various programs with zero results. I meet Melissa over 4 years ago and did training in her studio, I respect her so I felt let’s give this 12 week boot camp a try. I have loved the journey. This Boot camp is outlined to perfection, from the workouts to the meal plans and constant support. Melfit makes this fun. I can’t wait to do the 6 week shred and see continued success . Knowledge is power. Thank you Melfit

Sharon F

July 8, 2021

Melissa I

I have worked out most of my life regularly. I was a gymnast as a kid and so I’ve always been muscular, which in my eyes translated into bulky, not thin by any means. I have tried every diet imaginable to get myself “skinny” with a magic number in the scale that would make me feel good about myself when I reached it. I’ve been super diligent with different gym “weight loss challenges” only to gain the weight back and not be consistent with nutrition when the challenge was over.

Fast forward to 12 weeks ago. I have been following the MelFit Facebook page for over a year and decided it was time to do this once and for all! I had seen Mels sister, Melanie, at the gym and her transition was amazing! So after a year of watching, I joined! My goal was to lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks. Much to my surprise the transformation along with the forever knowledge of fueling my body was way better than any fictitious number on the scale, I had in mind. But the hand holding, support, care and individualized counsel Mel gives you is worth its weight in gold!! She is absolutely amazing and worth more than what you pay for! Thank you forever Mel! Can’t wait to start the 6 week shred!!

PS- the meals are delicious, filling, guilt free and decadent. You’re not missing out or starving yourself at all!! Meal prep for all in this house!

Melissa I

June 29, 2021

Dawn B

I'm so happy I reconnected with Melissa Valdovinos & Melanie McCreery after so many years. I have been contemplating a way to lose weight without having to do a bunch of workouts or spending tons of money. I seen a post hit my Facebook from Melanie and how she weighed what I weighed which was 165. She lost a lot of weight and looked so good! I wanted that for myself! I messaged her and she connected me with Melissa. We did a consultation but I was scared to spend money on something I was unsure about. I kept looking at myself daily in the mirror and jumping on the scale. Nothing changed about my appearance or my weight. A little time passed and I kept thinking to myself, "What have I got to lose by trying.. money?" With that being said I contacted Melissa and said let's do this. She said I wouldn't be disappointed and boy was she right! I started losing weight the 1st week on MelFit! After my 12 weeks I was down 23 lbs and 16 inches. I feel more confident in a swimming suit and was able to buy new clothes! I went from a size 13 to a 9 pants and a large shirt to some small shirts. If you are hesitant about weight loss don't be like me and wait! Give MelFit a go! You won't be disappointed! I will admit I wasn't keen on all the recipes or excersices but with how much I walk and talking to Melissa about alternatives for some food we made it work! What have you got to lose..? Nothing but weight! Thanks Melissa & Melanie for the reconnect! I'm happy with my results and keep pushing forward and not backwards! Thanks to my family also for the support while I took this ever-changing jouney!

Dawn B

August 4, 2021

View recent photos.jpg

Coach Mel is the best!! After years of working out and trying every fad diet I did her 12 week bootcamp and finally got the results I was looking for and learned the skills to keep the weight off!! The best part was I didn’t feel like I was on a diet at all! The meals were fantastic and the portion sizes were perfect so I never felt hungry!! I can’t wait to do her 6 week shred next!!!

Stephanie B

December 16, 2021


 honestly don't even know where to start and I can't thank Melissa enough for changing my life I was an athlete all through high school and even 2yrs of college. I went to the NJCAA Championships 2yrs in a row for my college and was an all American in the high jump. I was fit and fast!!! I've been a cowgirl my whole life and have rode horses since I could sit up. Therefore, I have always been super strong. I will never forget my grandma telling me she couldnt wait for me to have kids so I could be fat like everyone else. It really bothered me. I had my son at almost 30 and I struggled to get my weight off. I was in an abbussive situation that caused me to spiral down hill and take the blame for everything. I felt like my metabolism was broken. I didn't matter whether I ate a lot or a little, I couldnt lose. I was drained. I had no energy for life period, my son, my animals... I was depressed and ran down. I had heartburn everyday and would randomly choke eating food. My joints were inflamed and I hurt daily! I had brain fog and could think clear or remember anything. I was exhausted when I woke up. I had no energy. I know I already said that, but having energy is so important in life. Something had to give!!! I saw my cousin Dawn's pics of when she did her 12week bootcamp with Melfit and I reached out to her. Contacting Melissa was the best thing I could've ever done for myself. Ive know Melissa since we were kids. She had me come over and we talked about my goals and plans for myself! I had 2 weeks before I went on a trip to Vegas and she said then lets get started!!! I was mindblown!!! I had lost 16 lbs before I ever went on vacation. That was 16lbs I didn't have to pack around with me. Here I thought my metabolism was broken!!! Nope, I just wasn't fueling it with the proper nutrition. Not only does Mel teach you how to eat healthy but shopping for the right things to eat clear down to the spices and sauces is amazing!!! Teaching me how to meal prep and cook delicious healthy food is the best thing to learn for my body. When I left Mel's house I was crying and broken emotionally and physically. I was embarrassed to take our selfie together to send to her twin sister Melanie because I hated who I was and how I looked. Now I feel so confident like I can accomplish anything. The feeling of defeat has been crushed by confidence, loving myself, and smiling from ear to ear that I accomplished losing 36.9 lbs in 12 weeks. I fit in clothes that have been stashed in totes for years. I'm beyond grateful for Mel and her program. If I could give it 10 stars I would give the program a million  I can't believe I almost reached my goal in 12 weeks I only have 14.9lbs more to go!!! I feel so blessed and thankful!!!! When people say they're eating healthier and cleaner now the first thing that pops into my head is what does clean healthy eating look like to you because going through the Melfit bootcamp opened my eyes to a whole new level of eating healthy food that tastes out if this world

Thank you thank you thank Mel You are simply such a blessing to not only me but all of us whose lives you're changing.

Forever Grateful your friend,


Dusty M

February 2, 2022

Ashley C

highly recommend Melfit Coaching! I just completed the 6 week shred and I freaking loved it! I started this with fear and apprehension that I wouldn’t be able to complete the task at hand. Steps everyday, an hour workout everyday and meal planning each Sunday?! Seemed like a daunting task at first but I love fitness and a challenge so I decided to go for it. CoachMel is the best coach ever! Super motivating, encouraging, always there to push you yet always there to answer my silly questions. This program is absolutely worth it! Dedicate yourself to the nutrition and fitness and you will get results in only 6 weeks!!!!! The best part is that she provides a grocery shopping list with amazing recipes each week. I hate cooking and grocery shopping but she made meal prepping easy to follow. You don’t have to think about what to eat to get the best results. CoachMel does all the work for you!!! By week two I loved my routine and looked forward to my workout. Not only did I see results but I also saw my confidence grow. I now know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind too. Moving forward I have a new goal to reach. With Coach Mel by my side we can do anything.

Ashley C

October 7, 2021


I spent most of my childhood and adolescence overweight. It wasn’t until I went to college that I started moving daily and eating better. I joined the school gym and was able to lose the freshman 15 instead of gaining it. It wasn’t long until I started getting burnt out on the gym scene. A friend who was an Ironman suggested I try running outdoors. I started small and worked up to 5-6 miles per day. I learned what runner’s high is all about! I lost another 25 lbs and toned up! When I first spoke with Melissa I told her about a compliment I received when I was in the best shape of my life. I ran into a store after a run to grab something and the checker asked if I was a runner. I said I guess, why? She replied that not many people could pull off that outfit, referring to my short running shorts and tank. It was one of those never-forget comments!

Sadly, my running career came to a halt when someone stopped abruptly in front of me during a 7.5-mile Bloomsday run, and I hyperextended my knee. I finished the race and was proud to run the whole course, but my knee was never the same. I visited doctors and completed PT but it would flare up even during a walk. A few years later came babies. I gained 30 lbs with my first, and it took me 2 years to get it off. I finally reached a comfortable weight and SURPRISE…baby #2. Her second birthday is in October and nothing was working to get off the 35 extra lbs I had gained. I’m so happy I spoke with Melissa and started this journey. I was hesitant at first…when I started I was a mom, wife, graduate student, and working 3 jobs. I couldn’t spare an hour at the gym but Melfit showed me that I can spare 25 minutes a day and get results! And the best part is my knee feels great!

-28.5 pounds


Emily P

August 19, 2021


In the past I had all sorts of reasons why I could not get fit and loose weight. I was too busy, and I did not have enough time. I am a mom of four and I work with my husband at our business. It was too much money, and I honestly could not see me committing to a gym. Besides embarrassingly working out in front of complete strangers. No one in my household would support me working out and getting healthy. Recently I competed the 12 Week MelFit boot camp. The excuses are gone and my lifestyle as well as my loving family members has changed. I say lifestyle because once you get to the end of 12 weeks you realize that it is not a “Diet” but a way of living. I had some amazing paradigm shifts during the 12 weeks.

My family and friends will tell you that I am an excellent cook and I have always planned our meals a week in advance, so the meal prep was a breeze for me. You shop Thursday/ Friday (I usually use Instacart and Costco) and food prep Saturday or Sunday. Do not let the cooking part scare you as Melissa has you covered with step-by-step instructions, follow along videos, and recipes as well as a shopping list. I found that by the end of the second week I was having to make extra portions of most of the meals, snacks and deserts as my family was eating my food. The food on the meal plan is so delicious sometimes you forget it is healthy. Actually, that was my first paradigm shift. I can make amazing tasting food with less fat, dairy, & gluten. I lost so much inflammation by eliminating most of these things from my diet and no longer have upset digestive system after eating. When I started the boot camp, I thought I would have a hard time not having bread and pasta but honestly, I barely miss it. Yes, I still like bread but and even have a dinner roll on my free day. I have always been lactose intolerant but for some crazy reason I still ate it even though I would feel awful later. Thanks to Melissa she has many non-dairy alternatives.

Melissa is there for you every step of the way. Navigating eating out at restaurants, holidays, BBQ’s and hanging out with friends. I have known Melissa for quite a while now. I used to work out with her when she had a brick and mortar. That was amazing but MelFit is 100 times better because it has both nutrition and exercise. Even when I was working out 3days a week with her I did not look as good as I did after the 12weeks. I still have a fair amount of weight to lose to hit my personal goal. I know that I will get there slowly. Now that I am done with the boot camp, I moved to a Maintenance plan. Melissa checks in with me once a week to help me plan meals for the following week and see how I am doing. She is always coming up with new and delicious recipes. Melissa is one of the most inspiring and motivating people I have ever met. She will walk with you through your own journey. You will be surprised to notice that not only your health is better, but your life is more organized and less chaotic. You will have more time. You might even turn out to be one of those people who gets up and makes their bed. If your still not sure come join the MelFit Facebook group and meet the Melfit Army everyone in the group is incredibly supportive you might even, make a few new friends.

Heather W

July 21, 2021


Melfit...where do I even begin? Those that have struggled with weight loss have a story to tell of the struggle. It's the fad diets, the pills, the cream, the "programs", the shots (like needle kind), it's not eating, it's endless hours in a gym, it's never-ending and always something and it always ends the same way...without  lasting results and with shame. Not this time. I had a baby almost two years ago now and was "rocking" the mom bod. I wasn't loving the bod though. I kept getting "you just had a baby" comments. I felt bad. I starting eating even worse. It was time for my annual trip back home to Idaho (I live in Hawaii), and I knew I needed to lose some weight before seeing my family for the first time in a very long time. I was at my heaviest and not in the best frame of mind. I tried a program but nothing came of it and there was no accountability. I went home heavy and left feeling even heavier, wondering what others thought of my appearance. A few days after returning to Hawaii, my sister and I had a phone call that changed our lives forever. We both called each other to talk about Emily's before and after pictures that she posted. We were BLOWN away. My sister asked if we should do it and just commit. I was hesitant, but we committed to doing the Melfit program together. To support each other and take time for ourselves. A big "why" that I did it was for not only me, but for my baby. The one thing that makes me a better person each and everyday. Some weeks were more challenging than others, but for the most part, I was HOOKED. I needed this. I needed the routine. I needed a plan. I needed healthy recipes. I NEEDED to be held accountable. I WANTED to finish and be stronger physically and mentally. I wanted to finish this journey with my sister. Im not done yet. This is the start. A fresh one. A healthy one that is a lifestyle. NO MAGIC PILLS AND SHOTS. And now I'm crying writing this because it started with  my favorite person (my sister) sharing a conversation about someone being so vulnerable to post a before and after of their journey (Emily) and another woman who has a program that works (Mel). These three ladies have single handedly changed my life moving forward. I can't express my gratitude enough. I told Mel she could post my pictures with my face because if someone recognizes me and that inspires one person to change their habits and mindset, then I feel like I'm passing the torch. It's about being transparent with your struggles these days because someone can relate, and you could be the reason for change. Melfit for life now!

Nicole G

December 21, 2021

Just finished Melfit 12 week boot camp. I am 62 years old and have struggled with my weight since childhood when mom had to take me to the chubby girl sizes in clothes for school around 3rd grade. My Grandma used to tell me I will always be big because my bone structure was like hers.

As a child and young adult those memories never fade.

I’ve tried it all. Diet fads, Nutrisystem; weight watchers; diet pills; California and every other state diets; Hollywood, grapefruit; and most recent keto.

I never prepped my food in the past so starving until I grabbed anything and everything was pretty much a norm. Also being a closet eater, looked real good all day in front of family and friends but watch out when no one was looking:) I now enjoy meals, never having to skip or feel deprived, the choices and flavors of each meal are amazing. Coach Mel has been there every step of the way with encouragement, food prep videos, exercise. I’m still working on the exercise part but I no longer huff and puff taking a walk in my neighborhood and I can hold my stomach in and feel so much energy that it’s getting easier and easier to get myself up and out.

I will continue on this forever journey with great appreciation and love for Melfit and our Melfit Army of beautiful souls.

Thank you!

Dana F

April 5, 2022

As the New Year set in, I had one major goal I wanted to achieve: get back into a routine of exercising so I could get my mindset healthier and learn to love myself better. Last year I tried on my own doing Beachbody through COVID, but I needed more guidance with nutrition. I am a wife, Mom to two adopted boys (one with special needs), and a 1st/2nd grade teacher. I’m busy, stressed, and used that excuse for far too long. It’s was time for a change.

I had watched my friends do the MelFit 12 week boot camp and was in aw of their results and determination, so my twin sister talked me into doing the 12 week program. It’s the best decision I have ever made for myself.

MelFit taught me how to make myself a priority, how to meal prep and eat food that nourishes my body without cutting anything out completely, and how to feel comfortable in my own skin again. The meal prepping allows me to have so much more time with my family after work, and has helped with the stress of thinking of what to cook each meal. The workouts are my favorite because I don’t have to run miles or do a bunch of cardio to lose weight and tone up, it’s strength training.

I feel healthier at 39, then I have most of my 30s. MelFit is the best personal coach and her programs are doable for anyone! If you are wanting to get back into shape, I highly recommend MelFit. I can’t wait to see where my health journey goes this year with MelFit’s guidance.

Jasmine R

April 5, 2022

I went back to work full-time in September after staying at home with my three boys the last 10 years. I needed a new routine and to dial in my nutrition. I’ve always enjoyed working out, running, playing sports, etc. but never had the best nutrition. After watching a couple of my friends complete the MelFit programs and get amazing results, I knew I needed to give it a try. I talked my twin sister into doing it with me.

The 12 week book camp was just what I needed. The meal prep has made my day to day life so much easier. I just grab and go.

Alaina S

April 20, 2022

I have had digestive issues and food allergies since 2006 and been on many nutrition plans. None of them worked for me so I was skeptical at first. I signed up for the 12 week bootcamp. I am glad that I did. Not only did I lose 13 pounds, my body has never felt better. My head is clearer, I sleep better, the bloat is gone. I just feel better overall. It also helps to have a coach that believes in and supports you. Coach Mel is the bomb! She is very knowledgeable and knows what she is talking about, is always available to answer questions AND practices what she preaches. I highly recommend Melfit to any one that wants real and long lasting results. Melfit is a lifestyle that I plan to continue. Thank you Coach Mel for ALL of your knowledge and support!! You are the best

Angel V

July 29, 2022

I just finished my 12 week Bootcamp and I’m 16.7 lbs lighter and lost 22.3 inches! Like most people, I have done many diets and some multiple times. I did lose 20 lbs on one of the diet plans but the one thing I never learned that i have learned through MelFit is how to cook, how to meal prep, how to workout effectively and what Macros are all about. Sure we can all cut calories, cut gluten and sugar out of our diets but if we don’t understand why, it won’t be long and the lbs will come back. Coach Mel taught me that it’s a lifestyle change and after 12 weeks, I have definitely change my lifestyle and the way I eat as well as what I eat! I travel for work but with Covid I haven’t traveled as much. Recently, I did travel and was worried I would go back to my old ways of grabbing fast food quick after a long day or buying and eating junk! I am happy to say that I was gone for 2 weeks and was not able to meal prep but I did stay in a hotel that had a mini kitchen. I bought groceries instead of eating out so that I could make good choices! I also workout 5 times during the week which is something I would never have thought of in the past. Usually I just wanted to go back to my room and crash! I am so proud of myself for being able to handle 2 weeks away and to have successfully lost 4 lbs during that time. I was able to do this because of coach Mel so thank you! I can confidently say, I will not go back to eating like I use to and I’m anxious to have my blood work drawn soon because I was pre-diabetic and the Dr wanted me to go on cholesterol meds!! I’m confident I won’t need these meds! If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, give MelFit and Coach Mel the opportunity to show you just how much healthier you can be! I feel and look great!! I’m going to do a 2nd round of the 12 week bootcamp because I have a little more weight I would like to lose and I know I will achieve my goal!! Thank you again Coach Mel!

Nancy W

June 18, 2022


I found MelFit after seeing a friends results posted on Facebook. I just really needed help trying to figure out what I was supposed to be eating in order to lose weight. So I joined the 12 week Boot Camp. Mel makes it very clear as to what you’re buying for groceries every week as well as recipes with videos on how to make the food that you eat every week for the full 12 weeks.  I had good weeks and bad weeks, had ups and downs with my weight, but I had to just keep moving forward. Having a weekly check in with Mel helped me to continue to follow the program instead of completely giving up like I would normally do. I have completed the 12 week boot camp but I am still continuing her program to get to my goal weight. 

Carly R

August 9, 2022


Melfit has reminded me how it feels to be healthy and strong, to fuel my body in a way that feels good and gives me energy. I just finished Mel's 12 week boot camp and am in my 5th week of marathon training with her. I am almost 40 years old and have never been stronger, happier, or more motivated. She was accessible anytime I needed help and I will stick with her as my coach for as long as she is willing. Thank you so much Mel; you have changed my life!

Lindsey S

March 17, 2022

I lost 30 lbs in 12 weeks! I suffer from compulsive overeating disorder. When left to my own devices, I am stuck in my head. No longer was I stuck when I joined Melfit, no longer was I alone, not only did I have Melissa, but I had her army. I still have 55 lbs to go and have started her maintenance plan, I will reach my goal by this spring. If you are willing you can do something about your eating problem regardless of your circumstances, it doesn't matter how many times you have failed before; YOU no longer have to be a prisoner of your eating compulsion.

Crystal D

September 16, 2022

I lost 30 lbs in 12 weeks! I suffer from compulsive overeating disorder. When left to my own devices, I am stuck in my head. No longer was I stuck when I joined Melfit, no longer was I alone, not only did I have Melissa, but I had her army. I still have 55 lbs to go and have started her maintenance plan, I will reach my goal by this spring. If you are willing you can do something about your eating problem regardless of your circumstances, it doesn't matter how many times you have failed before; YOU no longer have to be a prisoner of your eating compulsion.

Crystal D

September 26, 2022


MelFit ArMy

What Are People Saying About Melfit?

I can tell you first hand how incredible Mel is! So much knowledge went into putting her plans together. When you go through one of the MelFit programs you’ll realize how you can adapt your every day life to being healthy and active. Blow away with the results from all her workouts and meals!! I’ve tried several things over they years and this was the only one I could honestly say I have desire to continue for the rest of my life.

Andy C

December 12, 2020

Melfit coaching successfully addresses both sides of the adage, "Is it an educational problem or an attitude issue?" From an educational perspective, Melissa provides valuable knowledge to identify the proper balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fat in

your diet, to most effectively meet the daily caloric plan that works for you. She also identifies creative hacks and recipes that are essential to healthy eating. As a "foodie" I enjoy discovering new Melfit recipes that are delicious and keep me satiated.


From an attitude perspective, Melissa provides a new perspective on fitness. She encourages realistic expectations and her 25-minute workout routines easily fit into any schedule. Her fun Melfit 25 workouts promote strength, balance, and flexibility. My attitude has done a 180-degree flip from "my fitness goals are unattainable" to "I now have the tools and motivation to make the positive changes in my life that will allow me

to meet my fitness goals".

Melissa's knowledge and support helped me to lose over 20 pounds in a year, losing body fat and gaining muscle. The Melfit coaching program is now an integral component of my lifestyle. I look forward to her continued motivation, inspiration, and support.

Donna R

August 1, 2019

A few weeks ago I embarked on a new healthy lifestyle change, and it was the best decision I have ever made! I joined Melfitcoaching and have my own personal coach. I can't believe I get to eat things like this every morning for breakfast. Melfit chocolate banana protein bowl is literally the best thing I've ever had! And SO good for you. Thank you Mel for all your hard work, dedication and inspiration you give me and others everyday. Thank you for being the best coach ever! ❤️💪👊

.....for any of you who are interested in shedding a few un wanted lbs or just wanting to feel better. Melfitcoaching is only 30$ and that gives you all access to Mel as your coach,her recipes,workouts abs and so much more!! Plus she will walk you thru a 8 week or 12 week program or even custom fit one that works for you! For 30$ a month are you kidding me?! What's your fitness and mental health worth to you? I never thought I could do a fitness plan or " diet" and ever stick with it but this is SO much easier than I ever have experienced. Finally am excited for this lifestyle change and am confident that I will succeed!

Michelle S

April 24, 2019

After having my second baby I had 20 stubborn pounds to lose and I knew I needed some help. I’m so glad I found the MelFit 12 week bootcamp. It is exactly what this busy Momma needed. Coach Mel makes it sooo easy! She did all the work and all I had to do was follow the steps laid out for me.  She even helped modify the program to my specific needs (nursing Mom). In the 12 weeks I lost 21 lbs and over 13 inches. Not only did my body transform but I gained new found energy, clearer skin, and  foundational principles for leading a healthful life. This program has not only impacted my life but the life of my entire family! If this busy working Mom and wife can do it, you can too! You won’t regret it! Thanks Coach Mel for a great fool proof program!

Kristi F 

April 29, 2020

I just finished MelFit 12 week Bootcamp & feel better than I have in a long time! I lost 10 lbs & 14 inches & feel great from eating mostly Whole Foods for the past few months. Her recipes taste amazing & are so easy to meal prep each week. Her workouts are fun & easy to follow. I actually look forward to exercising now because I enjoy her format so much. Mel is so supportive & encouraging & goes above & beyond for her clients to make sure they see success. 💓

Ashlynn W

July 27, 2020

I just completed Melfit 12 week Boot Camp. What an AMAZING experience I’ve had plus lost 13.5 lbs and 15.25 inches!!!!

When I started this plan I was unhealthy, 50 pounds overweight, had no energy, lacking self esteem, chronic joint pain, whole body inflammation, and fighting depression.

Because I only eat plant based foods and have several food allergies it was challenging for Melissa an I but she really stepped up to the plate to provide guidance and understanding for plant based nutrition.

The workout videos were challenging but she gives you several modifications that fits any level. I started out lifting only soup cans then moved on to 15 pound weights by the end of the 12 weeks.

Thanks to Melissa and Melfit , I am on the right path for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Without her help I’m not sure that I would have made it this far on my own. This is a lifestyle that I will continue on for the rest of my life.

Thanks Melissa for everything!!

Kimberly M

August 6, 2020

I just finished MelFit’s 12 week boot camp. I lost over 10lbs and around 10 inches! I have tried many diets and work out programs, as well as, having and using a gym membership over the years. I was always able to lose a few pounds, but I was never able to consistently lose weight and reach my goal weight. With the MelFit program I was able to consistently lose weight every week! I loved the meals and had no problem staying consistent. I never once felt like I couldn’t do this! Melissa is the best coach around! She is always there for you and very supportive! Her advice was always spot on and worked! Having the MelFit 12 week food plan was a huge part of my success as well! Knowing what I was making every week and knowing it was healthy was key! I was never hungry and I never had cravings! I loved learning to cook healthy food that tastes amazing. The Melfit workouts are great! I have muscles again and a much stronger core! Melissa has so many workouts to choose from. I tend to get bored with similar/routine workouts. The MelFit workouts kept me challenged and I loved doing a different workout each time! I now look in the mirror and I am proud of the person I see thanks to MelFit! I could go on and on...MelFit is simply the best weight loss & workout program out there!! I’m a lifer!! Melissa is truly one of my heroes!

Lori H

August 6, 2020

Hey guys! 
I’m going to try to make this short, but I have so much to say! 
After having my children I struggled very hard to lose weight. I was active in the gym. In fact, I was going to two different types of gyms at the same time! I had suffered a medical emergency that put me on meds, and with that came weight gain that just wouldn’t go away. I was so defeated and down right angry. I mentally gave up. 
My aunt had done Mel’s 12 Week Bootcamp and encouraged me to try. I took the plunge and I am so beyond thankful that I did! 
The food? DELISH. The workouts? AMAZING! There’s just something so awesome about being able to workout in your own environment, especially as a parent. There is no excuse for failure! Mel has everything you need to start and continue your journey to healthy living, and she makes it as painless and easy as possible. From the shopping lists she’s put together, the yummy meals she’s carefully created, the step by step prep videos, the workouts she’s thought through piece to piece, live Facebook videos, to being here for you to ask any and all questions and to pump you up when you need it. She sets you up 100% for success. 
Mel changed my life, no exaggeration there. 
I’m super excited for you to start your journey, you’ve got this! 

Sacia H

August 19, 2020

Last week I finished the MelFit 12 week Bootcamp! I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is looking to lose weight or learn a healthier lifestyle. Melissa makes it so easy, she does all the hard work of figuring out what to eat and what workouts to do. For 12 weeks you get all your meals planned for 6 out of 7 days. You will NOT be hungry, and you will learn how to properly substitute to make your favorite meals. I lost 19 inches and 16.5 lbs without having to track my calories or deprive myself.

My first week after finishing her program I lost an additional 2 lbs, just by using what I learned throughout the Bootcamp! This was the jumpstart I needed to get myself back into shape! This plan is not a “diet” and what you learn from it you will be able to take with you forever and implement into your life everyday! I am so grateful for the experience, and I know I wouldn’t be this successful without the support and coaching of Melissa and Talia! I plan to continue to take what I learned and crush my goals!

Anna C

August 30, 2020

While following the MelFit program I was able to eat delicious food, at times, more than I could eat. Be held accountable with weakly weigh-in's and sweaty selfies. Mel is always there for you if you have a question or need a little more motivation. I highly recommend this program. It was fun, delicious and kept me going. Thanks Mel!!!

Stefanie H

September 3, 2020

I just finished the Mel-fit 12 week boot camp! I lost 20.2 lbs and 20.75 in. I feel amazing! I’ve learned so much about nutrition and making better choices! Listen to your body, it will let you know! Melissa is an amazing coach!! She has made this well thought out plan.. there’s nothing to figure out. It’s all done for you! And the results are real!! The app is easy to use! Everything right at your fingertips! Consistency is key!! Coach Mel is always there for you!! I would 100% recommend this boot camp to anyone!!

Tina L

January 18, 2021

This Woman is the Full Meal Deal!

No Pun intended…

No but Really she is such a Hard Worker, Patient and Encouraging.

Her weekly Checkins are packed full of Inspiration, Recipe’s, Quotes, Cheerleading, Idea’s for each Challenge and So So So Much More.

Team Mel

Kim Wells

Kim W

January 26, 2022

Mel-fit has changed my life! I dont obsess about food anymore, I prep and get on with my life. I have learned so much about nutrition and fuel for my body to do the things I want to do. Melissa is an amazing coach, she gives it to you straight, but is so kind and encouraging. I will be using the Mel-fit way of life from now on.

Melissa's expertise in fitness and nutrition has been instrumental in starting me on a journey to a healthier me. I love her plans (they're not as expensive as you would think), her workouts, and her family friendly recipes are awesome. You don't have to do a plan. Check out her app, free for 7 days and get access to all her workouts and recipes. PM if you want more info on my journey with Mel-fit.

Danielle N

December  9, 2020

Absolutely! It’s a well thought out plan , You just follow it . And you will lose weight and inches . If your on the fence , just do it . The only thing you have to loose is the weight !

I started because my neighbor/friend was doing it ... I said no to her for 3.5 solid weeks .. then I said yes and I didn’t look back . I finished the 12 week challenge down almost 20 lbs and so many inches , and I jumped right back in and I’m doing another 12 weeks . The food is good , the exercise videos are amazing and work .

I feel like this is a lifestyle that is so doable . Thank you again Melissa for creating a program that is simple and effective!

Oh and a bonus , I have dealt with eczema for years .

It’s almost completely gone !

Jody L

September  17, 2020

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